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What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About WildHawk Physical Therapy in Asheville, NC...

Stefanie Pupkiewicz

“I spent more than a decade being seen off and on for hip and shoulder pain. Prior visits to physical therapists didn’t improve my condition, and I assumed that the discomfort was just part of getting older. But, after an in-depth assessment by Christian and beginning PT exercises, I have had amazing improvement. My previous physical therapy visits usually involved a couple minutes of assessment at most. Christian spent time assessing my shoulder and hip to figure out what the problem really was and to give me the exercises to strengthen and improve them. I am continuing to see improvement not only in the pain itself but also in my running and weightlifting.”

Lachelle Spencer

“Ryan was my P.T a few years ago. He helped me to fully recover after I had Brostrom ankle surgery. Ryan was encouraging and upbeat in his work with me. It never mattered if the exercises and such that we were doing that day were painful or not (dry needling😲). Ryan was always able to find a way to make me smile or distract me from the pain. He was very professional, yet also very personable. I would definitely recommend Ryan.”

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