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What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About WildHawk Physical Therapy in Asheville, NC

Ginger Kowal

I had a great experience at WildHawk. Christian is not only skilled and knowledgeable, he is a great listener and communicator. Starting with a very thorough initial exam, I felt that Christian always paid close attention to what was going on with my body. I felt heard and listened to, which is a pretty great feeling to have from a doctor. After some targeted strength work I am back to running pain free! I’m very grateful!

Vonn Brestle

Christian has been so helpful in getting me back to where I want to be. I went in with tremendous shoulder pain, fearful of a potential referral for surgery and he was able to help me explore rehab of my injury instead. I am able to do more of the tasks I used to routinely do and get stronger every day.


The Therapists at WildHawk Physical Therapy impressed me with their knowledge and high level of professionalism. As a former competitive tennis player, I suffer from osteoarthritis in the 1st MTP joint (great toe). In the past, I had received steroid injections and one surgical procedure, with limited relief. WildHawk recommended stretching exercises and provided information regarding autologous PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) and stem cell injections. Over time, these 2 treatments have provided substantial improvement of my symptoms allowing me to resume exercising and hiking without restriction and little pain. I highly recommend the Therapists at WildHawk Physical Therapy!

Loren Wooten

I’m a very active 47 year old who likes to run and mountain climb. I was having intense shoulder pain, especially at night making it hard to sleep and perform at my usual activity level. I’m not quick to ask for professional help but this issue was getting progressively worse. I reached out to WildHawk to see if they could help. Christian diagnosed the issue and after a month of bodywork,dry needling and an exercise regimen I’m practically pain free and sleeping much better. I would highly recommend WildHawk to anyone that is suffering with joint and muscle pain.

Carolyn Hoidal

Following a botched hysterectomy, I suffered from internal abdominal scar tissue and likely nerve damage. This issue compounded as surrounding muscles attempted to compensate for the damage pulling multiple joints out of alignment and increasing pain and trigger points in multiple areas. Ryan addressed my issues one on one with the skills of a specialist including a variety of techniques, exercises, manual therapy and modalities including dry needling. He is highly skilled, professional, punctual, and he treated me with compassion and understanding. My husband will start treatment with him soon and I will be back for more physical therapy as needed. As a 25 year Occupational Therapist, I give my professional recommendation that Ryan is one of the best physical therapists you will have the privilege of be treated by!

Adam Stein

Christian has been great to work with. As an older athlete he has really helped me to recover from injury and prevent new ones.

Emily Hyde

Thanks to Ryan and how he incorporates all the aspects of physical therapy into the sessions, from workouts, dry needling, to basic exercises that have helped retrain my muscles again, I have had extraordinary results . My shoulder injury was restricting me from doing a lot of activities to my best of my ability and thank goodness I found WILDHAWK and Ryan bc I can now honestly say I can have pain free days and my range of motion and strength is at point I never thought was possible. He has helped to alleviate severe discomfort and helped me get my muscle strength back and I couldn’t have done that on my own! I highly recommend their physical therapy services! They are just overall awesome and so is the environment!

Carolina Paredes

I am so glad and feel so fortunate to have found Christian and WildHawk Physical Therapy. I am a Personal Trainer and Coach and had been experiencing some discomfort and on-and-off pain in my hips. I did everything I knew how in order to make it better, but I could only get it to a point where it was manageable. I know well what happens when we ignore pain and the obvious mild signs that something isn’t right, so I began looking for help and this is how I found Christian. He responded to my request right away, he was super personable, and got me an appointment right away. He did some assessments and was able to find the root cause and helped me get the relief that I needed in 4 visits. It was amazing! I am so grateful and so happy I found them. Since then my husband began to see them too and is experiencing great amounts of relief from shoulder issues he was having. I highly recommend WildHawk PT. They will work with you. Don’t wait until things get really painful, preventive care is so important and can help you have relief sooner. Don’t wait, give them a call! They’ll take really great care of you.

John Gregory

The attention to detail and quality of care were top notch. Ryan had my knee feeling better after the first treatment and was very thorough in his assessment of it. He gave me plenty of exercises to do at home to help rehab it further as well. Can’t recommend this facility enough.

Lilia Guajardo

Very nice, professional and they know their work! Christian is our PT, awesome!

Michael Berlin

Top notch guys. I strongly recommend them! Very professional and have really helped me with my back pain and mobility. Five Stars all day!

Mark Denney

I hurt my shoulder about 6 months ago. A promotion (50% off) from WildHawk popped up on my Facebook feed, so I decided it was time to try PT. I met with Ryan who did some strength and range of motion testing on me. He was very pleasant and thorough. He told me what he thought the problem was and recommended some specific stretching and strengthening exercises all in the first visit. He has been following up via txt to check on my progress. I appreciate that he has not pressured me to come back for multiple follow up PT sessions. Very happy with Ryan’s expertise and customer service and feel that the value of what I received has exceeded what I paid. I will definitely return if I need any more expert PT help in the future.

Leslie Hipps

I landed on Wild Hawk Physical Therapy’s Facebook ad which offered a rate that I could afford for first visit! I live on a strict budget as a single mother! That’s why it is so important for me to share the level of care I received! The care was compassionate and I was treated the same as if I had the best insurance in town! I cannot wait to return! Let me tell you why! They help your whole body. It is my shoulder in particular that needed the acute attention. After a through strength test and assessment they performed dry needling and electro therapy! The dry needling is a life changer for me from this visit and past experience. If you are not aware I encourage you to ask! Instance muscle tightness relief! They didn’t just work on my shoulder they worked on my back (pain transfer), posture, alignment, and showed me rehab exercises for my shoulder! Care about yourself enough to make an appointment! Let these people help heal you and in the process show you their love! You can feel the true kindness and desire to help as soon as you walk in the door! Thank you Wild Hawk!

Chris Irvine

I would absolutely recommend this clinic. Christian is a fantastic therapist with great insight into the human body and patterns of pain and discomfort. He is thoughtful, patient and very comprehensive in his work. As a client you receive lots of 1:1 time devoted to your care and treatment. I will likely be a return client in the future, should I need more PT, and would encourage anyone I know to seek out their services.


The therapists at Wild Hawk Physical Therapy are honest, ethical and knowledgeable. I suffer from a stiff, sore neck and it has progressed as I age, at times causing problems with sleep. They prescribed 2 different stretches which reduce the pain and stiffness significantly and allows me to function better and sleep well. They were honest and said they need to be done daily which I do. Vibram toe shoes were also recommended which help with the pain in my large toe knuckle. My toe spread has also improved.

Chelsea Walton

I HIGHLY recommend Wildhawk! Ryan was very friendly, caring and knowledgeable. He helped me through multiple issues with easy, manageable exercises. I didn’t feel I was just another patient, rushed in and out like I have experienced at other places. Ryan took the time to listen to me and explained everything really well.


I had a wonderful experience at WildHawk! I came in with low back pain and Christian was able to identify my problem and crafted an exercise routine for me to do at home that has helped so much! I feel like they genuinely cared about my health and Christian actually checked in on me on his own time to make sure my home exercise regiment was going well. I highly recommend these therapists!

Mike Galyardt

Very easy to make an appointment. Small, locally owned business with excellent hands on care. Their YouTube channel was particularly helpful for remembering exercises they discussed with me in person. I had knee and ankle issues and they gave great advice on things I can do on my own to build up strength and help prevent injuries. Always available for a consultation or for any follow up questions. Highly recommended!

Scott Nelson

“Miracle Workers! Injured my core/back while kayaking. Gave me instant relief my first visit and coached me back to health through our one on one sessions. They even helped me discover the root of the problem and sent me with the cure to do at home. Fixed 5 years of chronic lower back pains. Wildhawk ROCKS!”

Bryan Gennett

“I saw the PT’s for several visits to help address my specific concerns for knee pain I had been experiencing for several months. A thorough evaluation lead to a quick and efficient treatment plan to address the underlying issues that were the cause of my symptoms. 5 stars over and over again. Highly recommended.”

G-Walker Performance

“Thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Wildhawk. Great guys, fantastic practitioners, and were able to get me back to lifting pain free!”

Allison Bruna


Emma Poodle

“I always have a great experience at Wild Hawk. The staff is knowledgeable and takes their time to go over every detail. I felt well taken care of. Highly recommend!”

Jessica Whaley

“I went to WildHawk PT after being in tremendous low back & SI joint pain for months. I was having trouble moving through everyday life and could hardly sleep, which was keeping me from working and doing any kind of physical activity. I had seen all sorts of professionals—massage therapists, acupuncturists, a chiropractor, even an orthopedic doctor, but none of that was helping, and I was beginning to feel very desperate and discouraged.”

“On my first visit to WildHawk PT, I was very impressed by their extensive knowledge and professionalism. The therapist took a lot of care to identify the issues that were causing the pain. I was so encouraged when I started to feel relief after that first visit. After four weeks of treatment and doing the prescribed daily exercises, the pain was almost gone completely! I am so grateful to WildHawk PT for helping me get my life back and empowering me to help myself too. I only wish I had gone to see them sooner!”

Chris Holochak

“I had a great experience with WildHawk! I had a high ankle sprain that was causing issues throughout my leg. The staff was thorough and truly cared about fixing my issue. I highly recommend!”

Robert McCloskey

“The Physical Therapists at WildHawk are experts who provide first-class, compassionate care. I highly recommend them!”

Lisa Pupkiewicz

“I went to help improve a chronic back problem. I was given the most thorough exam I have ever had. Using their simple App to remind me to do the exercises was extremely helpful. And the introduction of a simple support belt is a heaven send. I am now basically pain free. I highly recommend them!”

Rich Visnov

“Ryan Barragree is an amazing DPT. He treated me earlier this year for severe back and hip pain. His personal attention and commitment to my recovery was beyond my expectation. He provided hands-on manual therapy, spinal mobilization and manipulation, and a sport specific exercise regimen which got me back to pickleball, cycling, swimming and golf sooner than expected. Ryan personally following up on my progress on his own time, even after I was released from treatments. I highly recommend Wildhawk PT and Ryan.”

Carolyn Yaussy

“Christian is the best! I started seeing him after a severely dislocated shoulder left me in constant pain and unable to lift my arm above my waist. I was in that condition for two years after another PT was not able to help much. Christian’s knowledge, patience, and coaching restored my range of motion to nearly normal and significantly reduced my pain. This summer I was able to swim for the first time in 3 years – unthinkable (to me) when I first walked into his office. He gave me my arm back!”

Laura Langwell

“After experiencing hip and muscle pain on long walks and hikes for 5 months and having to slow my friends down so I could rest my hip, I went to my primary care doc who said I had bursitis and gave me a steroid shot. Nothing changed and I felt it got a lot worse. I found WildHawk PT and was very hesitant at first because I had never been to physical therapy before but the time they took with me to assess and figure out where my pain was coming from was amazing. The exercise program they gave me helped more than anything. Every time I go back for a treatment I get even more relief from the chronic pain. I am on my feet all day at work and I am feeling so much better. I will continue my treatments and my home exercise program and I just know I will be pain free very soon! Thank you so much for your attentiveness and professional atmosphere. Y’all rock!!”

Leticia Cordova

“I was very fortunate to have Christian as my PT! He is very knowledgeable, studies the origin of the pain/problem and comes up with the perfect plan. He knew just the right amount of work I needed to do when I came in with back pain. He helped me regain the ability I had before the injury and I was able to do the activities I like again. I would highly recommend his skills!”

Catherine B.

“Christian is extremely knowledgeable and his expertise and attention to detail , along with his ability to get to the root of the issue and formulate a plan is invaluable. As a massage therapist, I saw first hand the positive results he brought to improve the health of his clients. He makes a huge difference in their lives and I highly recommend him.”

Joseph Ciasullo

“Ryan was an amazing help. My whole time rehabbing my shoulder I felt hopeless with the way the doctor was handling it and my physical therapy was no better. Once Ryan worked with me I gained insight, hope, and finally some movement. This was in Florida with a large group. Glad to see him opening up his own thing in North Carolina but sad to watch him go. Highly recommend him and whatever he is on to next.”

Lachelle Spencer

“Ryan was my P.T a few years ago. He helped me to fully recover after I had Brostrom ankle surgery. Ryan was encouraging and upbeat in his work with me. It never mattered if the exercises and such that we were doing that day were painful or not (dry needling😲). Ryan was always able to find a way to make me smile or distract me from the pain. He was very professional, yet also very personable. I would definitely recommend Ryan.”

Anne Marie Sullivan

“Christian was the first physical therapist I saw after I had been seeing my previous PT for over 12 years. I knew I was in good hands when he made sure to look at my sciatica as a whole body issue instead of an isolated problem. I have seen him on and off since 2017 for a variety of issues (knee pain and migraines to name a couple) and his attention to detail and skills with soft tissue work and dry needling made a huge impact in my recovery. If you’re dealing with nagging injuries/pain, I would highly recommend Christian to help you get to the root cause and get relief.”

Stefanie Pupkiewicz

“I spent more than a decade being seen off and on for hip and shoulder pain. Prior visits to physical therapists didn’t improve my condition, and I assumed that the discomfort was just part of getting older. But, after an in-depth assessment by Christian and beginning PT exercises, I have had amazing improvement. My previous physical therapy visits usually involved a couple minutes of assessment at most. Christian spent time assessing my shoulder and hip to figure out what the problem really was and to give me the exercises to strengthen and improve them. I am continuing to see improvement not only in the pain itself but also in my running and weightlifting.”

Emily Goff

“Christian is great to work with! He helped me recover from an ACL surgery and I’m now able to do all of the activities that I was doing before I tore it. His knowledge of movement and encouragement definitely helped push me to a full recovery.”

Julie Moore

“Christian is extremely knowledgeable, fun, and an excellent therapist! He looks at the whole person to diagnose and isolate the root of the problem instead of just masking the symptoms. If other physical therapy has failed you in the past, Christian is the one to change things around for you!”

Melissa Krayca

“I have seen my fair share of therapists but Ryan has been the best. His dry needling skills really helped me. He is very knowledgeable and thorough as well as kind.”

Kim Sparks

“Christian healed a lingering 30-year-old hip injury that had never been treated but caused constant discomfort. Now I can lift heavy without pain!”

Tyler Zitka

“Christian is amazing to work with! He understands how to treat the real problems and not just the symptoms while making Physical Therapy knowledgeable and fun! Hands down the best PT to work with!”

G Van Land

“If you are having pain and want to try physical therapy – I highly recommend Christian Busch.

I was referred to Christian Busch for physical therapy in January 2020, and continued therapy with him through September 2020. I have an issue with scoliosis that has caused neck and back pain for a number of years. I have gone to physical therapy several times, but no one addressed the underlying issue of scoliosis.

Christian told me in our first session that he could not change the alignment of my spine – but he could strengthen and improve my muscles to help me sit, stand, and walk better – and reduce my pain.

I work remotely for a software company, and use a computer to get my work done. I have lots of ergonomic tools – a sit-stand desk and an ergonomic chair. But these tools alone were not reducing my back and neck pain.

Christian showed me how my posture (leaning to the right) was causing most of the issues. He gave me simple exercises that didn’t involve any expensive equipment that I could do at home. He printed out an example of every exercise, each with an illustration and clear instructions.

My husband has noticed a big difference, and tells me I’m sitting and standing much straighter. No more slumping to the right. And my back pain and neck pain have reduced considerably.

I want to thank Christian for the personal attention and support he gave to help me overcome my issues with scoliosis. Christian has the training and expertise to work on difficult issues. I recommend him highly.”

Tania Laveck

“I came to Ryan a few weeks ago in a desperate plea for help. I am very active with mountain biking, strength training and yoga and was inhibited in all 3 activities due to a combination of elbow tendonitis and rotator cuff pain in my right shoulder. The pain had gotten so bad, it was affecting not only my sport activities, but also many aspects other aspects of my life. Ryan’s knowledge and expertise allowed him to immediately develop a plan of attack for me which included special techniques of manual manipulation, targeting exercises and dry needling. I am so excited to share that after 6 weeks I have been able to gain significant strength in my right arm and back to doing all the things I love again, with little to no pain in my elbow or shoulder. Ryan was very patient to answer all my questions about the injuries and taught me many ways to strengthen and protect these joints in the future. I will recommend WildHawk PT to anyone who is struggling with chronic pain from injury or otherwise, these guys are great!”

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